HIV Training
We can provide training of a standard or specifically tailored format for schools, colleges, universities, private organizations, the public and voluntary sectors.

Our aim is to educate in relation to what the virus is, how it works, how it is transmitted and how it can be managed.

Alongside these clinical factors we will also look at the social implications of living with HIV in the 21st century. This exercise will challenge attitudes of ignorance and prejudice towards people living with HIV.

HIV Peer Education Training
Peer education is a popular concept that involves people of the same group in a specific setting are trained to educate their peers.

The Crescent is adopting this approach with the view that trained peer educators can effect change amongst their peers, families and their communities as regards to safer sex practices, creating awareness about HIV risk behaviors and at the same time motivating and supporting behavior change. Sessions include outreach skills, interpersonal and communication skills.

Training is carried out once a year and on completion a certificate of attendance is awarded. All sessions are free of charge and attendance is essential.