Social and Peer Support

We operate a daily drop in service and a range of peer and social support events including lunches every Tuesday from 1.00pm and a Sunday lunch (usually the last Sunday of each month) where you can meet others living with or affected by HIV.

All events are free (although donations are always welcome) and are open to those living with HIV, their family and friends.

We operate an open door policy, you can call in any time we are open for support or advice, there is no need to ring the doorbell, just walk in, reception is on your left as you enter.

If collecting condoms and lube just walk in, help yourself to the display in the hallway, there are small paper bags there to take them away, no need to ask permission. If you need help just ask, we will be happy to help.

We also operate an appointment service at weekends and provide evening events as well as support, advice and counselling for those whose work or family commitments make it difficult to attend during the working week.

The Crescent is a member led organisation, the majority of our board members and staff are either living with or affected by HIV. As a Crescent member you can attend board meetings, vote at AGM meetings, and join our board of Trustees if you wish. In this way you can help us design and deliver services for those living with or affected by HIV.


The Crescent can refer members for hardship fund application to other organisations created to meet the needs for financial support for all people living with HIV. The Crescent also has its own hardship fund which entitles members in financial hardship to support.


The Crescent can help yo with immigration and asylum difficulties. We can support you in finding a solicitor and getting the right advice.


We offer guidance and support with housing, benefit claims and, where appropriate, referrals to social services